Many events have been moved to ZOOM due to COVID-19.  We will resume events when practical
  • Every Saturday
    Email church office for Zoom Link.
    Bright Hour -Replaced with Junior Worship on ZOOM on Saturday Mornings
    Weekly, Saturday Morning 9:00 for children grades JK-6. Email church office for ZOOM link.
Current Week's announcements 

January 15, 2021                             .


Due to the "stay-at-home" order issued by the government the office will be closed until the order is lifted.  We will all be working from home for the time being.

Week at a Glance

  • Friday morning Fellowship, 10:30am

  • Saturday Junior Worship, 9:00am

  • Saturday Night Movie, 7:00pm

    • John Bunyan

  • Sunday School, 9:00am 

  • Sunday Worship, 10:30am

  • Tuesday Prayer Meeting, 7:00pm

  • Wednesday morning Bible Study, 10:30am

    • The books of 1,2,3 John

  • Wednesday evening Bible Study, 7:00pm

    • Who Was Cain's Wife?

  • Friday morning Fellowship, 10:30am 

  • Saturday Junior Worship, 9:00am

  • Saturday Night Movie, 7:00pm

    • Corrie Ten Boom



Email the church for ZOOM links to any of these meetings.


Upcoming Bible Studies
Wednesday January 27th - Carbon-14 Dating / Does Distant Starlight Prove the Age of the Earth? 
Wednesday February 3rd - Was There Really a Flood / Noah's Ark? 

Sunday, January 24, Rev. Steve Ottley will lead us in worship and share God's word with us.


*Office Hours for Heather:

Working from home until the "stay-at-home" order is lifted.  I will check emails daily.  I will check church mail a few times a week.

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